Razr M continued problems
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I'm so frustrated with my phone.  This goes back to the very first kitkat update that was pushed to the phone.  Things just got worse and worse with each "fix".  Anyway, I was forced to do a factory reset which may have helped battery life a little bit.  The battery will still barely last 12 hours with almost no usage.

The biggest problem now is with messaging.  I get text messages that just say "downloading" all the time.  It takes forever for it to finally show up.  Friends and family don't even bother sending me texts anymore because I don't get them in time.

I read that turning off wifi will help. First, I tried.  That did not make the messages come in.  Second.  No!  I use wifi at home and work so that I won't use much data.  For the first year I had this phone, text messaging worked flawlessly.  It wasn't until a forced update that everything started breaking.

I now HATE my phone.  I don't want to extend my contract.  I want a phone that text messaging works right out of the box whether I'm on wifi or not.  I don't use 3rd party apps (and don't want to) for text messaging.

Verizon - I am a LONG time customer.  Please offer me a solution that meets my needs.  I didn't ask for the updates that took away swype, ruined battery life, caused the phone to overheat, messed up text messaging, caused icons in some apps to appear with a solid background, caused me to have to do a factory reset, etc etc etc. 

I have made posts here in the past and never had any resolution from Verizon.  I have a friend who is on AT&T who has none of these issues, but service in some areas is not as reliable. 

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Re: Razr M continued problems
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The MMS/WiFi issue is a major problem with the latest version of KitKat on the RAZR M.  The worst part is that Motorola knows about it, AND they have a fix developed for it, but cannot release that update unless Verizon tells them to.  That's right, all Verizon has to do is say the word and our MMS issue will be resolved.