Razr M stuck with red M symbol

My Razr M has the red M on front screen.  I tried soft reboot and factory reboot.  still goes to red M symbol.  I did app updates last night.  And when I got up  this morning it was giving multiple error messages saying apps have stopped.  I turned the phone off when that 1st happened bc it would not let me into any apps.  Was working fine, then started getting the error messages again.  When I turned off the  phone again  it would not turn back on.  Help

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Re: Razr M stuck with red M symbol
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Have no fear, help is here. I know that my phone is my lifeline, so I want to be sure we get you up and running in no time. Thank you so much for all of your information and troubleshooting steps up to this point. I just want to dig a little bit deeper. What changes (if any) have been made to the phone in the last week?
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Re: Razr M stuck with red M symbol
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I am having the same issue Mindylou described, but I am not finding solutions.  Any suggestions?