Razr Maxx Battery Life ABYSMAL after Kit Kat update

Battery life has been nearly split in half following update; after barely even looking at the phone in the morning, drains to about 90% within an hour of being unplugged. Unplugged it at 7am this morning; by 5pm is at 20% with moderate use, where previously with very heavy use would be closer to 40-50%.

I know apps are running in the background that shouldn't be (getting random crash messages about NFL and Kindle apps "not responding" and having to force close).

Long story short - battery life has become worse than any other smart phone I've had, let alone a "Maxx" battery phone. How can this be improved??

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Re: Razr Maxx Battery Life ABYSMAL after Kit Kat update
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Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the battery life. Let's see if we can get a grip on what is causing that faster drain. You mentioned some apps are having issues. Make sure you have any updates available for those apps. Go to the Google Play Store. Press the menu button and touch "My Apps." Install any available updates.

Charge the device fully and place the device in Safe Mode: http://vz.to/1i7GyGQ . Keep the device in safe mode for about 8 hours. Let us know if the battery life returned to normal in safemode.

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