Razr Maxx getting very poor connection

My Razr Maxx gets very poor connection in my home area. I realize I live on the edge of a 4G area so I don't always expect 4g service.  However I can stand outside in my driveway and look at a cell tower about 1000 feet away and my phone says there is no network connection to anything, not even 3G. At work about 8 miles away I get pretty good 4G service. I also have a Verizon WiFi module and I can be 15 feet from it in clear view and not get a signal.   I have tried rebooting the phone, clearing the cache, removing the SIM card but nothing seems to help. I am not sure if it is the phone or just poor Verizon signal. Any one have any ideas?

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Re: Razr Maxx getting very poor connection
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You have done quite a bit of troubleshooting already, buckeyebill!
(I'm guessing you're in O-H-I-O?)
Thanks for doing that. We wish we could guarantee coverage inside, but there may be things that affect the signal (foliage, infrastructure) Are we certain that is our tower that is so close to your home?
Has a resolution ticket ever been filed for the area?

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