Receiving calls, battery charging

I have to say that I am very disappointed in this phone. From the first day we got them, my wife noticed hers had a gouge and scuff marks from being dropped just as we walked out the door of the Verizon store. They tried to assure us it was "new", but exchanged it anyway. I knew it was only a matter of time before mine was going to act up or something was going to go wrong.

With that aside, sure enough, my battery will not charge properly. Please, PLEASE don't have me go through the basic steps again. I've walked through them and the charger connects anywhere from 100-600+ times per day depending on how much I need to charge it.

Trying another charger is a good idea and it so happens that I am using the one that my wife use to use because my original connects to this phone worse than hers (NOT PHYSICALLY as there is no damage to neither the phone nor either chargers).

On to the next problem.. Recently upon receiving a call, my television started broadcasting "into" my phone. While that is funny now, it wasn't at the time and is actually rather concerning. Especially considering I do not have a Bluetooth device for the phone nor do I have it activated. Moreover, the television that broadcast wasn't a smart T.V. AND the other person (an R.N. from my doctor's office) heard it as well.

What is going on with this $700+ paper weight? I've kept my antivirus up to date and at one point had WebRoot (paid) on it. I've reset it multiple times and still this.

The kick to the gut though is that I never received the promotion for my phone. My wife got the credit for hers but I never did on mine (same phones and same account qualifying for the same promotion). Every time I try to talk to someone about that issue I get a very long run around.

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Re: Receiving calls, battery charging
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We understand your concern and want to help you find out what is going on with your device. It is concerning to hear your device is acting up in such manner. What kind of phone do you have? What promotion was it you did not receive?



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