Receiving unsolicited marketing calls from 971 area code sources.

I was just told by Verizon tech support that some of the apps Verizon installed on my phone may be responsible for accessing my personal information, and distributing it to telemarketers. On the other hand, I have no way of accessing my personal information, other than by changing it. Furthermore, some of the apps on this phone cannot be removed -- an NFL app of some kind for example. I paid for the phone outright, but for all intents, Verizon still has exclusive access tothe internals.

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Re: Receiving unsolicited marketing calls from 971 area code sources.

Verizon does not release your information to ‘telemarketers’.  You can read the privacy policy here:

The phone is yours, the content is NOT.  The software is licensed to you to use, but is the intellectual property of the phone’s manufacturer and various developers.  Most apps can be uninstalled or disabled with few exceptions.  

Yes, in order to function some apps access your personal information.  Like the contacts stored on your phone, email addresses for example.  And ‘find my phone’ and maps use your location.   If this is too intrusive, you want a “dumb” phone with no data or internet option and not use its address book function.