Ringtones Revert to Default
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I have been trying to change my ringtone setting on my Turbo 2. I am selecting built in tones (I have not downloaded any other tones). When I change my tone, it works for a while (a few hours), but then reverts to the default tone DROID Resonate.

I have changed the ringtone in both \Settings -> Sounds and Notifications -> Phone Ringtone/ and \Phone -> Settings -> General - Phone Ringtone/ but neither option keeps the setting. I do not have any apps that are changing the ringtone. I've tried clearing my cache (Power off, boot to recovery, clear cache), but that doesn't work. The ringtone resets whenever the phone is rebooted, or if I just wait a few hours. I'm on 5.1.1 (23.31.23.kinzie_verizon.verizon.en.US). Is this an issue with this version of the software, or something I should anticipate that will continue after the update to Marshmallow (whenever that happens...). I don't want to install another app to manage my ringtone - the phone should do that already!


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