SD Card Missing message on Moto Z Droid

Back in Nov '17 I first got this message on my Moto Z.  I shut my phone down, popped the SD card out, put it back in and turned the phone back on.  That seemed to fix the problem.  Now I have the message back again only this time I can't get it to disappear.  I've tried what I originally tried the first time and it didn't work.  Tried getting the form to format the SD card and that didn't work. At this point the only thing i didn't try was a total reset of the phone.  But I'm thinking that may not work either.  What are the chances it's the SD card or is it my phone? Took it into the Verizon kiosk were I got it and the guy there popped the SD card out, looked at it, put it back in and rebooted the phone.  That didn't work either.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!  I got this phone in July ' it's not that old...  😞

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