SIM Cards for Droid Razr Maxx HD 32GB

I am planning to buy a new one on eBay so I don't lose my 4G of data for $30 each month (they want to cut me to 2G to "upgrade" from my Droid 4) - these phones do not have SIM cards.

Would Verizon provide or sell me with a new SIM card, or would they take out the one from my Droid 4 and use it in the new phone?

I've also got to get my son a new phone elsewhere and do the same thing since he has the old unlimited plan and we definitely don't want to lose that with an upgrade - his phone is even older, a Droid X !!!  Same thing - would they remove the SIM from that phone or give/sell him a new one?

thanks for your help in advance, K   

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