Schedule message won't leave the screen
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After I schedule a message by long pressing the send button, selecting a date and time it won't leave the screen. If I miss the VERY subtle blink when I select "schedule" and select to "schedule" the message again then it will schedule it for the time I am typing it. I have to hit the back button multiple times to back out of the schedule message screen. Other times it will schedule it but not indicate it has been scheduled. The result is that I end up scheduling mutliple messages that all send. Usually when this happens, after I get back to the messaging screen the message is still there and showing in DRAFT. Yes, I have gone through the usual steps if trying to send it to multiple people and using multiple phones. I have even force stopped the app, turned my phone off and on, and uninstalled and reinstalled the app. 

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Re: Schedule message won't leave the screen
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Sorry to hear about the issues with scheduling messages on your phone, pamrawls. That's certainly not the experience we want for you and we're happy to help. Please specify which messaging app in particular that you are using. I know you have been proactive with troubleshooting but did these issues occur only after a recent software update?