Screen and charging issues
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Just to let everyone know, be very careful with your "Indestructible" phone.

I carry 2 phones in my pocket with the screens facing each other (replace my Turbo with the Turbo 2 and I carry an LG G4 in a case as well - personal phone closest to my leg with the work phone closest to outside).  The Turbo 2 scratched just by rubbing the LG G4.  Never had this issue in the last year + of carrying my Turbo.  We asked about cases and screen protectors (haven't used them in years with Gorilla glass) and the sales rep said since they did not see any in stock throughout FL that they must not need them and/or they will support them without it.  Now they are talking about trying to get us a replacement (a.k.a. refurbished) replacement.  Nice for a $648 phone.

Then I also bought my wife one.  Both of out phones will not charge when we put them in cases (Incipio or Tech21 <- had this on my Turbo without an issue).  Also the battery life is not that of the previous versions.  Buyer beware.

Then we were also sent an email about the $200 upgrade rebate if we mailed in our old devices.  We were told, everyday for a week and a half now, that the pin code and link will be coming in a text.  Have yet to see that.

Oh, and it took over 2 hours to transfer the data from the old phones to the new ones.  I guess their system wasn't set up to do the transfers.  Great roll-out and presentation!

Good luck everyone!

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Re: Screen and charging issues
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So far I'm not so sure about this phone either. Finding some dislikes.