Sending/Receiving Multiple Text Messages

I have been experiencing this. Not only does my Droid Maxx send or at least try to send multiple messages, but I receive them from people who are also on Verizon. My Son has the Samsung Note 3 (on Verizon) and I get multiple messages from him at times, not always  but more often than not. I get them as well from others on Verizon. I seem to notice that My Maxx sends multiple messages when I use Voice to text in Messaging more then wjhen I use the keypad, but it happens with both.  I do not run many apps, no other Messaging app but the one that came with the phone. This has been going on now for about Two months. I noticed it showing up as a problem shortly after the last Verizon/android update.  This is getting to be rather annoying. My phone specs are as follow:

System Version: 21.11.21 obake-maxx_Verizon .en.US

Model Number: Droid Maxx

System info: Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System

ANdroid Version : 4.4.4

Verison Support, if you have a reply please forward to my account Email, as it is rare that I get here to view forums unless I have an issue, and I am sure I will never find this thread again.

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