Shattered glass

I am appalled that Verizon would allow Motorola to get away with this. My daughters Droid Maxx was dropped on a soft carpet and the glass shattered! Verizon and I have been going back and forth for weeks trying to find a solution to this problem. Motorola will only replace glass for a fee. I have dropped all my phones over the years on concrete and other HARD surfaces. not even a nick! Going on line I discovered this has been a major problem with the Droid Maxx and Motorola has known about it for quite some time! So now we're stuck! My daughter is a manager for a major retail store and needs her phone desperately. Verizon tried to replace it with a Samsung core prime. The tech representative I talked with, Kimberly Armstrong, out right lied to me when I asked her how many megapixels the camera was. She said "oh, they really don't go by megapixels anymore" . In my mind I said ok, I figured she was tech so she should know. I also figured after 15 plus years of being with Verizon that they wouldn't out right lie to me, so I believed her. Only to find out by another called placed to Verizon that this was not true! I have gotten the run around for weeks by Verizon that I am starting to question my allegiance to them. Next stop better business bureau and whoever else I CAN INVOLVE IN THIS FIASCO. anyone out there can just type Droid Maxx shattered glass in there search bar to see exactly what I'm talking about! Shame on you Verizon for letting it get this far!

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Re: Shattered glass

Verizon wasn't there, nor was Motorola when the accident happened.  They only know it is broken.  As far as megapixels go, I can see someone getting upset about improper information, but that's where research comes in.  Always check manufacturer's sites for the specific technical capabilities of a device and its features.  IDK the details surrounding why or how Verizon would replace a damaged phone with another phone nor how that would affect your plan, cost, or otherwise.