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Motorola droid dropping calls,low signal. Verizon sent me new SIM cards for both mine and spouses phone. Received today wrapped up separately in package but no reference to which phone each is for. Does it matter which phone I put them in? Also, will replacing the SIM card wipe out our contacts or any other saved data?

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Dagw1, I am happy to hear you received your SIM Cards. If it is the same type of device, then you can each use either SIM Card. If the devices are different, then it is possible that they have a different type of SIM Card. Have you tried inserting one into your device? Also, if there is an IMEI/MEID number listed on the box of the package, you can check those numbers in your phone to see if it matches by going to Settings> About Phone> Status> IMEI.       


- EricaG_VZW