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Motorola has already released Android 4.4 (Kit Kat), and Verizon has made it available on two more recent Motorola products in your line-up.  WHEN WILL YOU RELEASE THIS OS UPDATE FOR THE DROID RAZR MAXX HD???  This is a simple question and should have a one-date easy answer, or you should simple tell us that Verizon will never release the upgrade to Kit Kat for the Android OS.  What's the problem here?

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Re: Simple Question, Easy Answer?

Issues possibly to me there are parts of this OS thats not all that great:

Read the following:  I replaced one of those phones,  I bought a Droid Maxx  and shortly after I got it the update which there was two it wanted me update I took the one it went Ok it then wanted me to update to Kit Kat so as the wit the first update I updated to Kit Kat and after I did my phone started having connecting issues and the Camera was taking bad pictures compared to pictures it was taking when it was still on Jelly Bean which I was able to take before I done the updates, So I took my phone to a Local Corporate store it was DOA'd out and I got a new one and it doesn't have Kit Kat on it so Motorola or Verizon may be holding off on Updating Razr Maxx HD)  because of Issues similar to what I was experiencing..

So as it goes hopefully something will come out soon! Smiley Happy b33