Since update my text notifications don't sound anymore.

Since accepting a forced update on 5/20/14 on my Droid Maxx, my text message notification sound does not work properly.  The original Droid sound stopped working after the update. I am able to change to different text notification sounds and each newly selected sound works for a day or so then becomes inaudible again.  I can then select a different audible sound and it will work for a day or so and then stop working as well.  Multiple restarts of the device has not stabilized the text notification issue either.

The update forced to my device on 5/20/14 was 196.3en obake-maxx-verizonVerizon.enUS.  Other phone info is as follows:

Device type:  Droid Maxx

Android version: 4.4

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Re: Since update my text notifications don't sound anymore.

I did this trick I learned on Youtube...on the back (below the camera), rub across hard enough (like 3 times?). See if that works. It worked for me. There's a guy on Youtube that shared this amazing trick and it really worked for me! No joke. Razr Maxx sound fix - YouTube