So many problems.

This is my 3rd turbo 2 in a year. I'm seeing so many having same issues as I am with NO SOLUTION. My first one went slap crazy. I had to go through Motorola and got a brand new replacement. I had that one a month. Screen completely froze. So, wash, rinse, repeat, got this one in November 2016. Every we good up until January. Then my wifi would disconnect. We got brand new faster internet and they did trouble shooting and said it was not my home wifi. Then it did it at work and even on the hot spot. My hubby would have WiFi and I wouldn't. Then my blue tooth will turn itself off randomly. Then my apps would reset themselves and I have to give permission for them when I would open then up, like it was the first time in using them. About 2 weeks ago my phone will no longer turbo charged. I use the original charger. I have 3 of them, one for car, my hubby's(he has same phone), and mine and it says charging slowly on all 3. No water damage, my port is fine. Now I have a new issue. There is nothing in my photo gallery. I'll restart and see all my albums, including the SD card, I'll click on a photo to view, then disappears, and all my albums disappear. I check the updates, says no updates available with last update on April 2016. But then I notice this.. Last system update: Software not updated to deferred on February 28, 2017 @ 9:37AM. This sounds about when my battery issue started! Tech support is clueless. Their solution? Oh, it's a hardware problem so I guess they see I paid my phone off a year early, let's upgrade that phone! Or I can get a free, like new refurbished phone. What?! As I said before, I've read they SO MANY are having same issues. No solutions. Sad thing is, I bought my hubby the she phone at the same time. Was even suppose to get a gift card by doing so, but never got it. He has NEVER had any issues! And here I am going on my 4th phone in a year. This is my first Motorola and will never own another one. I want to get another one but all my confidence is gone and I'm afraid I'll pick one and have worse problems than before. What to do???

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