Software update fails

I have had the phone since December. After a couple of weeks I was notified of a software update being available.  Every time I try to run the update I get a failure message.

the vers in settings saya


build number


build date tue October 7 17:50:06 pdt  2014

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Re: Software update fails
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I highly recommend you call Motorola support at 800-734-5870 and reset your Droid Turbo. There are types of resets Beyond the built in to settings Factory Reset. A form of reset should cure your problem. Might as well do the

most advanced and thorough reset. You will lose all data so backup any data

before you call Motorola. ie. Pix, Videos, Documents (pdf, microsoft ofc, etc.) As long as you are longing into your Google account it has all your contacts. If there are text messages to save first (they are handled by carrier VZ). If you have the additional capabiliies thru VZ for backup then they do this. Verify first. So be prepared to reset your phone. Most of the time fixes this.