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I have a Motorola Droid Turbo 2. Yesterday I got an alert for a system software update. I did the update and now I am having all kinds of trouble with my phone. I can not shut the phone off. Messenger will not load. Volume bar keeps appearing at the top of the screen. When I hold down the power button the power off banner will not appear. The phone will shut off and immediately power back on. I had 49% battery power and when I powered off and the phone powered back on the battery power was at 15%. What are the solutions? Also from before I can only charge my phone through wireless..

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Re: Software update
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I am sorry to learn of the troubles you have been experiencing since the update was processed, GREBUC77. Let’s find a solution ASAP! As stated previously, there are some issues with the power button and due to this, we can let the battery totally drain and then begin to charge. Once the device has had a chance to charge up to about 20%, please attempt to put the device in Safe Mode with the following instructions: After you have a chance to try this out, please keep us posted.



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