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Software updates (including ICS) for Xoom NOT upgraded to 4G LTE?

Howdy all,

I had a quick question I was hoping someone could answer:

I recently purchased a used Xoom from an online retailer that had not yet been upgraded to 4G LTE.  I do not have a data plan, nor do I plan to get a continuous data plan, through Verizon.  I do like having the option, however, if I were to need it on a month-to-month basis.  That being said, the 4G LTE upgrade would be nice to have should I ever decide to utilize the mobile data, but it's not a necessity. 

My question is this; if I do not have data through Verizon, will I still get software updates via WiFi?  Also, will the ICS update (should it ever come) be available for those Xoom devices not upgraded to 4G, or will it be 4G exclusive?  Again, I realize the upgrade is free and it takes less than a week, but I just don't want to be without it for that long, nor do I want to have to reset the device and start from square 1 with setup.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Software updates (including ICS) for Xoom NOT upgraded to 4G LTE?
Contributor - Level 1

Yes, you should be able to get the Xoom updates over Wi-Fi. All of the Xoom OTA updates I have received to date, both before and after I had the LTE upgrade performed, have come over Wi-Fi. As for ICS, I haven't read anything to indicate that either the LTE upgrade or active VZW data service will be a requirement to get it.

It was tough not having my Xoom in hand while it made its roundtrip, but I'm glad I did it. Like you, I feel it's of value to have LTE capability in case I might want it some day.

Apparently some users sent their Xooms in without doing a wipe or encrypting their data, and their units came back intact. Can't say whether or not any of their contents ended up on the net though. With or without a wipe, I suggest making a backup of anything important first. I took the opportunity to "clean house" of all the apps I installed but rarely used, so the wipe was not as painful. The worst of it was losing the progress I made in all of the games.

BTW, I think the window to get the LTE upgrade is closing sometime soon, so if you're going to do it, you should do it soon.