South Pittsburgh Extremely slow 4G
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I have been experiencing extremely slow 4G speeds in the south hills of Pittsburgh & Washington pa. It really got bad starting april 2014 and has only gotten worse...    Its really bad in the southern parts of zip code 15241 and bad all over zip code 15301.     what has been done over the past 2 weeks is

(4) replacement Samsung Note 2 refurbs

(1) New Sim card

multiple setting corrections.

(2) trouble tickets

then tonight i was told the results of the trouble ticket.       "marginal coverage"     .   Now i have lived at my address for 4 years... This has only started giving issues with my 4g coverage since april 2014.  The house has had NO construction while living here.  When i talked to the technician tonight about the trouble ticket and asked how i could have marginal coverage all the sudden, when it was good before... he paused and told me...   well........ it more so... Over saturation of the network...    then when i thought about it.. think about all the Verizon wireless commercials... buy 1 get  X free. etc etc.. every one of those deals that handle is MORE units on the network..  I Googled this subject and found out this has happened in other cities as well...   There was no promise of When this could or would be resolved.. But yet my cellphone bill will continue to stay the same and represent premium services i don't get.  Ive been with Verizon the tech said for 18 Years & 8 Months..  I hate this, that i am going to be forced to look for a new provider... my friends sprint phone gets amazing 4g speeds where i live..  i just wish i knew their game plan. i cant pay a 3 digit number for a cellphone bill for data that is painful to use, and makes you look for the nearest free wifi... I pay more for my cellphone than i do for my cable bill with internet !!    I was just wondering what would you do?   I feel as if i was given no options to resolve what i have lost.  It really disturbs me when today i was sent a email saying, your Verizon wireless bills is now available.. then i look at how much it is and what i am not getting.......   

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