Static on my end.

Have had my Razr HD for two years with no problem. Last couple of weeks callers (or callee's) have complained either they could not hear me or static was too loud. Called my sister earlier tonight 4 times. She answered the phone and could not hear me but I heard her clearly. Had 4 bars on my 4G. Picked up my wife's phone while sitting in the same location and call went through and we could hear each other perfectly. This problem is getting worse. Other than a soft reboot (which didn't help) I haven't tried anything else. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Just keep them simple ... thanks.

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Re: Static on my end.
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Being able to hear on a call is definitely key and the most important part of a call. We will work to get this resolved for you today. Do you notice the issue when you are using headphones or a bluetooth device? How about if you use the phone on speakerphone? Let's try to remove and reinsert the sim card to see if that makes a difference. Keep us posted.

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