Stuck on green motorola startup screen

So my phone suddenly turned off for no reason, it was like 80% charged, and it wouldn't turn on just by pressing the power button. I went ahead and did the power + down key and selected the start up normally, the first, option. Now it's stuck on the green motorola circle screen and has been for the past hour. I tried to hold down the power button, but that only turns the screen black for about 3 seconds and the same green motorola circle screen pops up again and the phone vibrates. It does the same thing when I tried the power + down key. I would really prefer to not do a hard reset, not that it will even let me. What should I do? 

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Re: Stuck on green motorola startup screen
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Let's get your phone up and running like it should be. If you press and hold the power button and the volume down key. Keep holding that until it turns red. You may need to try this a couple of times. We also suggest trying it and putting it on the charger and trying it again off the charger. Keep trying this.

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