Talk to text Droid turbo 2
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 My talk to text stopped working. It works when I look up for Google search. But if I go to text messaging, and I click the microphone, it looks like it is recording everything but it types out nothing. I looked to update my phone and it is Up-to-date with system version 25.226.5. I do not think my phone has a problem update. It just happened. I have checked to make sure everything is turned on and  in English.  Like I said the Google portion is working, it’s just when I go into the text screen. The icon is there, when I push the button it looks like it’s expanding and contracting like it’s recording it makes a noise when I click it to record, but nothing is printed on the screen. I have Attempted to turn the power on and off to correct the problem but it does nothing constantly returns back to no text output.?

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Re: Talk to text Droid turbo 2
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Talk to text is one of the most convenient features of phones. That said, I would like to help you figure out what's wrong. When did the issue first start? Which messaging app do you use?