Taxes not refunded after I returned broken phone

i had a Motorola Droid and it never worked correctly. I had insurance on it. Therefore, Verizon sent me a "new" phone. Only it wasn't new. It was refurbished. By the time I figured out how to transfer all of my files, contacts, etc to the "new" phone, I was late sending back junk phone. However, Verizon did receive the phone and did credit my account the approximately$800, this was the amount Verizon claims the junk phone was worth. In reality, I paid $100 for the phone and it never worked. However, Verizon did NOT refund me ANY of the taxes that the had no problem charging me for the "$800" junk phone. My question is this, "How do I get my money back?". Tax on $800 is around $50. I don't know about you, but I am retired and I live on Social security, and fifty dollars is a lot of money to me. So.....Verizon, how do I get you to credit my account the sales tax money that you charged me, that you now, owe me. Please do not tell me it's a state thing or a restocking fee. You are not going to restock that phone, nor are you going to fix it. I am quite sure you have tossed into the trash by now. Also, I know it's not a state problem with the taxes. Therefore,  could you please, without delay, credit my account the sales tax that you inadvertently charged me for a phone that was not worth even $100, a phone that you, Verizon, claim to be worth $800. Now, come on, Verizon, you know, I know, and everyone else knows that the phone wSnt worth one cent. Anyway, you got it back and good luck getting any money for it, let alone almost $800. The only thing I am asking , at this point, is for Verizon to credit my account with the sales tax that was charged on my account, that never should have been. I should ask for interest. If you dilly dally, I ....please get on it, Verizon. Thank you in advance, for your prompt attention in remedying the credit to my account.



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We can certainly help with any questions you have for us. Was htis replacement done using your insurance? Was this a charge you received for not sending the defective device back in time?