Text message received has random text that was not sent?

I have had this happen a few times. I sent a text message and what was received by the receiver was not what I sent. Odd but it is only about half of the text, the first part is exactly what I typed and sent, the second part is just some random text that was neither typed or sent. My outgoing text message and the received text message are not the same. I typed and what shows in my outgoing is basically "No Worries 🙂 I understand. Well enjoy the day and no go on the half day today." What was received by the receiver is "No Worries 🙂 I understand. the truck and be back in 2 hours. Hope all is going well for you there!" Very strange and this is not the first time this has happened. You can see the second part of the text is not what was typed or sent. The same thing has happened a couple times in the past 10 months since I have had these 2 phones, both RAZRs. Has anyone else had this happen?  Does anyone know why? I do not recognize the random text as something that I have sent or I have received and is not something I would type. Thanks. JB

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This text messaging issue is very odd! We need to be able to trust that the text messages we send will get our message across correctly. Are your text messages in a thread when you send them out or are they the first message you have sent to the number? Have you cleared you cache and data on the text messaging app? http://vz.to/1jkThd7 . Let us know if this helps.


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