Text sound disapeared after software update

I recently upgraded my phone software and lost my text message alert notifications. I am receiving all other alerts. I am on call for three different emergency response organizations I need this fixed now! I have viewed other post about this issue, the only thing you have told people is to factory reset their phones, this is unacceptable! What other options do I have? Taking my phone back to zero is not one of them! I also lost the ability to SWYPE input for text and email.

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Re: Text sound disapeared after software update
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After upgrading your stock ROM you always need to do a factory data reset, if your phone doesn't do it for you. Then you can simply choose which sounds you want for the notification in the settings. You can download the Swype keyboard, or several various similar to Swype, from the Play Store. I liked Kii and used it for a long time.