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This is for my husbands phone he has a Motorola Droid Razr M and he installed the latest update about 2 weeks ago, and every since then he only gets about half of his text messages, it also is not sending his messages to people. It will tell him he has a new message but there will be no new messages there. He has followed all of the trouble shooting steps and even done a factory reset and still the same issue. He is missing very important texts as he gets a lot for work and also from parents as he is a youth baseball coach.  Does any one have any ideas. He has read other post of people with the same problem and there dosen't seem to be any answer's.

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Re: Texting

Same issue here following my KitKat (v4.4.2) upgrade on 23May2014.  It appears that my missing texts are limited to multiple recipient texts - I can send a text to multiple users but if they reply I do not get a message.  The little orange box says I have a message but it does not display.  Turning the phone off/on resets the orange box but the message history shows no new text messages.  Single recipient messages appear to be OK.

Can any of you other users out there with this problem confirm that it is limited to multi-recipient or are you seeing different behavior?  This issue is easily tested and is reproducible on my phone.  Thank you.