Texts stuck as 'Sending' and ghost drafts in Gmail

First, text messages will occasionally be stuck 'Sending,' but the text gets through to the recipient. Upon resetting the phone, it tells me those messages were unable to send, even though they obviously have. Using standard messaging app. Secondly, standard Gmail app will occasionally create multiple (~3-12) copies of drafts of a message that I have already sent. These drafts don't exist anywhere else except on the mobile app. Upon resetting the phone, the drafts are still on the Gmail app.

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Re: Texts stuck as 'Sending' and ghost drafts in Gmail
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Let's get to the bottom of this and get your phone acting right!

How long has this been going on? What software version, Android version, and baseband do you have on the phone http://vz.to/1stkOR6?

Try running the phone in safe mode http://vz.to/1lGpmhM and see if you notice a difference. It may be a 3rd party app causing the issues.


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