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Time to say Goodbye

I have had it!  We have been with the same company that had culminated into Verizon Wireless for over 20 years.   They screwed up and applied a payment I made to someone else's account one time and even after myself and the bank kept sending proof for months,  they wouldn't give my money back or apply itto my account.  My son recommended the BBB and the FCC and the issue was resolved in a couple of days.   They messed up years later when I was hospitalized for surgery.  An arrangement was made and all the phones were shut off before the payment was due on the arrangement and they tacked on tons of extra fees that we had to fight and fight to remove. My son worked for a Verizon competitor for over a decade after college called for me and asked for collections and they took the fees right off.   No one at Verizon knows what the other one has done or promised.   Their finance department said it was in the notes about the arrangement and it was obvious the account was shut down prematurely.   We have never asked for any type of credits for phones or credits just because.   The 2013 Moto X on the account was replaced under warranty because the screen was going out.   Not realizing in the tiny warranty given on a refurb replacement phone, the replacement had a software issue that has gotten worse to the point that has made the phone unuseable most of the time.   When the phone goes to sleep, it disconnects from the Verizon Network.  It has to woken back up and wait for it to wake up.   I have even had to call and get it reprocisioned to the network because it wouldn't connect on its own.   What good is a phone you can't get or make calls on?   Verizon Tech support told me to toss theheadlining away that is under contract until December and drag out an old one from a junk drawer and use that until my contract is up!   1 phone is out of Contrast and the other 2 will be contract free the first of December!   Tired of paying to just hold this phone to run Google Voice Over my home WiFi.   Google Fi,  Here we come