Total Mobile Protection and Droid Turbo 2/Moto Maker
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I am purchasing a customized Droid Turbo 2 through the Moto Maker service. I was curious if I can still get insurance/TMP through Verizon after I purchase and do I get my customized version or a generic one? It would be great to know if the version I paid for (with the more expansive leather option) would be honored.


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Re: Total Mobile Protection and Droid Turbo 2/Moto Maker
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RFDiaz, we always want you to get a replacement option that matches what you paid for. Typically, when wanting the same exact customized phone you would get through Moto Maker, any warranty replacements would need to be ordered through Motorola.

If a warranty replacement if ordered through us, then it would not be the same exact customized one you ordered. In regards to an insurance replacement you would need to contact Asusrion Insurance at 888-881-2622 to see what if offered if you need to make and insurance claim in the future.
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