Touch screen problems on MAXX 2?

Got my new MAXX 2 about a month ago after loving the RAZR MAXX. I noticed about a few days in that sometimes, when I was trying to swipe or type, parts of the screen that I wasn't touching were activated. It got to the point where the phone was almost unusable, because in my attempts to text/write, the phone would randomly exit the app or open a new app, try to call the person, etc.

I was told (by a customer service representative) that it might be a bad app, so I turned on the anti-virus and uninstalled both recent apps. I then noticed that the phone worked fine while I was at home, but continued messing up while at work. It did this for about a week. The two weeks after that, at a different work site, it continued to fail sporadically, but not so extremely. I can't figure out if it's (a) the cold, (b) having a certain app open (though I don't think I've had the same app open every time), (c) interference of some kind from some of the equipment I'm working around, or (d) something else entirely.

If anyone has experienced something similar and/or has any insights into what might be causing it, please let me know!

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Re: Touch screen problems on MAXX 2?
Customer Service Rep

We want to ensure your device works perfectly everywhere. Have you tried running the device in safe mode to ensure the errors are not being caused by any apps?
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