Trading in my old Motoz3

I paid around 490.00 dollars for this phone. I asked about a trade in value  to upgrade. Its 2 yrs old and in excellent condition. Customer Service told me its only worth 22 dollars. I've been with Verizon for over 10 yrs now. Never missed a payment. This is the thanks i get for being a valued customer.If you would give me half of what its worth i'd be happy. But nut no you want to mess me and take and take and not give nothing. When it come time for the other 2 phones on my plan are paid. WE WILL BE CHANGING.  Please let me know how you feel about this.  Thanks Dale

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Re: Trading in my old Motoz3
Customer Service Rep

We are sorry that you feel this way and as a consumer I would have the same reservations. However, with the device that you have our current offer for your device would be the amount provided to you when entering it online. You do have the option of selling the device to a third party for a higher amount if this is not acceptable for you. However, we would not be able to provide an additional amount over what was stated. If you would like to look into your other options for an upgrade we can check your account here as well. If you would like to complete this process please send us a private message for review.