Trading in phones?

 I have a two old phones I dont use. They operate perfectly, however, the screens on both are cracked. One just has one crack across the screen, doesnt affect the phone at all- Moto E4 I believe. The other is a Droid Ultra, slightly shattered, bottom home button malfuctions every now and then. I have kept these phones as "back ups" incase something happens to my current phone and I cant get another, but I'd love to learn about trading one or both in? How does that work? 

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Re: Trading in phones?
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We totally understand keeping a spare phone or two around just in case something happens to your current phone. It's actually a really good idea to do so. The trade-in option provides the benefit of getting something back for the phones you're not using on a regular basis. Our Trade-In Program offers an instant credit, account credit, a Verizon Wireless gift card or a PayPal account credit depending on your individual circumstances. Topic 1 in the 'General Information' section on this link provides more information on our Trade-In Program. To begin a trade or appraise the value of your phones, you can use this link.



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Re: Trading in phones?

depending on thephone's os, some apps won't work with less than 5.0.

verizon offers less than a $100 to trade my 3 year old note5.....

i'll holdonto  it until 5g becomnes a reality.