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I am trying to transfer images from my motoz to computer.  I've followed the directions for establishing connection.  However, when I open the DCIM folder it doesn't contain any pictures I've taken on my phone.  In fact non of the folders contain pictures taken with my phone.  There is a folder "VZ Media" which contains images saved from texts and emails but nothing from my phone.  Is there something else I can try to get the photos to show up.  I tried sending images and videos via test or email but files are too large.


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Re: Transfer images from MotoZ
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It's beyond important to have multiple backups of important things such as pictures, napierjc. You've got the right team here to help out. You've taken some great steps already, which look right, so I took a closer look at the information in this link: I noticed that a USB Type-C data cable is required, rather than the stock charger cable that comes with the device. Are you using the correct cable? Have you confirmed what folder your phone says the pictures are in (from the options you saw on the screenshot you sent?


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