Transferring apps data etc to replacement device
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I just received a replacement Razr Maxx, due to what appeared to be a defective proximity sensor.

I have downloaded all of my apps from Google Play and restored my contacts from DejaOffice/Companion Link.   I have also gone into both phones, side by side, to ensure that I have mirror imaged the apps that I wanted and those that I do not.

I am, however, confused about a few steps.

1.  Under accounts & syn, I had other connections listed for syncing, such as a blue icon of the "G" for google with my username, as well as dropbox, facebook, and a couple of others.  I assume that those setups will be created once I access the apps again for the first time.

My question question here has to to with Backup Assistant Plus.   I cannot locate the Pin.   I am not even sure that I want to restore from this because I am fearful that it might duplicate what has already downloaded from Outlook via Deja Office.

2.  My other concern is that data that I thought was backed up to the external SD card seems to have been erased by the new device when I started it up with the sim card and sd card installed into it and when I went to activate the phone.    Wallpaper, photos, etc are missing.   I do have a backup that I made of the SD card on my computer, but now when I compare it to the current state of the SD card, there are numerous folders that are showing up on the updated card (presumably from having downloaded apps from Google Play).   So what, if anything can or should I try to recover from either the SD card itself or the backup that I put on my computer?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I just went through a Maxx replacement (bad power switch). I moved the sim and sd and all they contained went with it. So, I GUESS that some things that appeared on the sd when in the old phone were unused duplicates of data etc in main memory. And that's where your new Maxx is looking.

But the real contribution I'd like to make is suggest you do a full factory resent of the old phone before sending it back. Can't say I saw that important recommendation on the little that came with the new phone. Obviously important.


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There sure is a lot of information involved with switching phones bookbean1! It sounds like you're far ahead of it all with comparing the devices side by side. As you sign into account like Facebook and Dropbox, those will end up showing in the Accounts & Sync section. With Backup Assistant, you may end up duplicating contacts if all of your information was already restored through another app like Deja Office. Backup Assistant is completely optional, so if you don't want to set it back up you don't have to. If you've forgotten your PIN, just tap “Forgot PIN” and we'll send it to your device.  You can also log into to see all the contacts backed up through the app to see if there's anything missing from the Deja Office file.

Also, moving the SD and SIM from one phone to another will not delete files from your SD card. There may be extra files added through the activation process, but not removed. Were the wallpapers and photos taken with the old phone or downloaded through an application? Are the missing files on your computer? If you turn the old phone on, do you see those missing files on that device?

Thank you

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