Turbo 2 Partial Blank Screen after 25.216.2 Install

This is making me insane. Moto Turbo 2. Was working perfectly prior to applying the update on 9/1. Later that same day I had a couple random instances where the top half of the screen went blank, but touch functionality was retained. It's actually slightly less than "half" of the screen. The dividing line is directly above the time on the lock screen. A quick tap of the power button to turn the screen off and back on brought it back. It has been happening much more frequently now and is insanely annoying. Tonight, no matter what I do, it won't stay on for more than a second or two before going dark again. Normally I would think this was a hardware issue, but I'm inclined to think it's not for these reasons:

1. It was perfectly fine prior to the update.

2. When the problem occurs, if I reboot, the splash screens and animations work perfectly on the entire screen. The top half only blanks once it loads the lock screen.

3. It seems to happen less frequently when plugged in than when on battery alone.

4. It does not seem affected by state of charge, temperature, ambient light levels, or physical shock.

5. This one is odd - I use the phone for Waze when driving. If I have it plugged in with Waze active, it will be fine for hours at a time. As soon as I unplug or turn Waze off it happens.

6. The phone is in a wallet-type case and has been since day 1. Very secure and padded. It has never been dropped.

7. There is no screen protector installed.

My first inclination was that there might be a glitch with the adaptive brightness, so it's currently disabled.

The problem is still present in Safe Mode which should rule out any 3rd party apps.


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Re: Turbo 2 Partial Blank Screen after 25.216.2 Install
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I would suggest that you contact Motorola directly for your warranty repair options including sending the phone to the manufacturer for repair.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.