Turbo 2 charger not recognized, charges slowly
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My brand new Turbo 2 is great, but I was a little disappointed how slowly it charged at first. But over the holidays, I used a friends Turbo 2 charger, and lo-an-behold, it now has popup text that indicates TurboPower was connected, and the percent charge when disconnected.  My charger doesn't do this and isn't recognized as TurboPower.  It charges at ~500ma.

Anyone else have this problem?  Since my friends charger works I presume it's a problem with the charger, and it needs to be replaced... however, the local approved retailer could only give me a 2-amp charger, instead of the 2.85-amp Turbo 2 charger that came with my phone.  I was on hold with customer support for a while and finally gave up to look for a way to file a replacement ticket online, but everything just redirects to these forums.  So short of waiting out the CS lines again, how do I get Verizon to give me a replacement charger that this phone was meant to pair with?

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Re: Turbo 2 charger not recognized, charges slowly
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Yes, phone would show it in turbo mode. But it would only charge 2%.  But then it would not charge past that 4 out of 5 times. But if I unplugged it and kept plugging it back in I could get it to charge 2% at a time. Took to the store, they verified it was the phone and not the charger, new one is in the mail.