Turbo 2 dropping existing call when 2nd call comes in

My Turbo 2 has started dropping calls when a second call rings through.

I will be on a call; the second call makes my phone ring; I get the message "Ignore" or "Put call on hold and answer" (however it's worded), and before I can even look to see who's calling, I get the call-lost tone and my 1st/original call gets hung up upon. This has been happening repeatedly over the past couple weeks - not sure on timing start, whether if it happened after a patch or not.

Previously, I have not had any issues with my phone dropping calls in this manner.

My phone shows:

- Software updated to 24.14.16.enUS on July 1, 2016

- In doing a system update check, my phone shows as 'up to date'

- Using a Droid Turbo 2, Android version 6

- Android security patch level - May 1, 2016

- Shows configuration L14.MOT.XT1585.0

- Shows system version 24.14.16-kinzie_verizon.en.US

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