Turbo overheating and randomly rebooting
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Just over a year ago, we purchased a Turbo for my wife on the Edge program. Since that time, she has issues with the phone, to the point where she is now on her third refurbished phone. This week, the phone began getting hot, and randomly rebooting itself. She is getting a notification about the high temperature at times. When she received this phone, the supervisor told her that if she continued having issues, they'd give her a new phone. Well, she called support today, and all they can do is send her another refurbished phone. So, basically, I've been paying for a very expensive paperweight. I checked to see what apps she has running, and she doesn't have anything running at all. We don't want another refurbished phone - we're paying for a new phone, not a refurb, for one, and we have had absolutely no luck with them, but I sure don't have the $275 lying around to buy out the rest of the Edge contract either. I know she did some troubleshooting while on the phone with customer service, and there is nothing showing up as an issue when she did the troubleshooting. So here I sit, having been a customer since 2002, with no recourse on this at all. Take another piece of junk refurbished one, hope to get another 1-2 months on that, lather, rinse, repeat, or wait for the thing to explode or give her burns. Any other options?

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Re: Turbo overheating and randomly rebooting
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Thanks so much for reaching out to the community member forums. I completely understand your concern surrounding getting an additional replacement phone. We don't want any of our customers to have to endure multiple replacements. The phones we receive from the manufacturer for warranty have completed all of the regular new phone testing and then we send them through and additional 100 test in our facility before they go out, so they should be problem free. Please let us know if you do have any issues with this replacement device and we'll be sure to make sure every posibility is looked at to permanently resolve this problem.

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