Unable to make/receive Calls over wifi with Moto Z Droid

I have been a Verizon customer for 13 years.  I purchased 2 Moto Z Droid phones on 12/15/16 from a Verizon Store.  I was assured at the time of purchase that the phones would work for wifi calling.  The Moto Z Droid phones do not work for wifi calling.  We are on replacement phone #5, all phones same issue.  I was told by Verizon if I agreed to a 3rd replacement and I still had the same issue, they would replace my Moto Z Droid phone with another model.  Well now neither Verizon or Motorola will replace my Moto Z Droids with another model.  A Motorola Customer Service Rep on 10/5/17 admitted on a recorded line that there is a known issue with wifi calling on the Moto Z Droids.  However, I was told by Motorola with Verizon rep on the line that even though it is an issue known by Motorola they would not replace my phones with a different model.  I hold Verizon most accountable for this issue.  All that has happened is Verizon points the proverbial finger at Motorola and Motorola blames Verizon.  Both companies have refused to replace my phones with a different model.  Verizon offered me a 50% discount on the buy out of my phones, which means it would still cost me $400.00 out of pocket to get a different model Moto Z. If I try to escalate at both companies I am promised call backs that do not happen.  I have been trying to get this issue resolved since May 2017.  Every time I call Verizon which has been in excess of 30 times I have to repeat what my issue is.  With the amount of time that has been spent on this issue by Verizon, Motorola and myself the cost has far exceeded what it would be to just replace my phones with a different Motorola model.  I used to think that Verizon valued their customers, however this experience has changed my opinion of Verizon to the point that I would discourage anyone from using Verizon but if lack of customer service is no issue than Verizon is for you.

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