Unable to move apps to SD card - Moto Z Force
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I'm up against my 32GB internal memory limit with my Moto Z Force, and thought I could move some of my apps to my SD card.  (Photos and videos are already there.)  It looks like a pretty straightforward process, but the option to move an app does not appear under the app's Storage page where it should be. 

Is anybody able to move their apps with the Moto Z Force?

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Re: Unable to move apps to SD card - Moto Z Force
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Within developer options (if you are on Nougat/7.1) there might be an option that states "force allow apps on external storage"

If you enable this it will generally allow more apps than previously to be moved to SD card (though it still won't allow all apps or guarantee that all apps will work when moved)....

Re: Unable to move apps to SD card - Moto Z Force
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IalreadyHaveAnAccount, we want to make sure you have the storage you need to be able to properly use your device. You have a great device. The MotoZ Force allows you to move pictures, movies, and music. However, applications won't be able to be moved. You can view more information here > http://spr.ly/6588Dz5We


Are you using the Verizon Cloud to backup your device at all?


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