Unable to receive emails to phone when wifi is on
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There was a problem with my Verizon email account (Verizon servers I was told by Verizon rep), and it was necessary for me to change my password.  I am now able to get Verizon email via webmail, but emails do not automatically go to my phone.  I need to turn wifi off, go to email, and refresh, in order for the emails to get to my phone.  Then go back to the settings and turn wifi back on. The settings on my phone are:

Incoming Settings:

Pop Server - incoming.verizon.net

Port of 110,

Security type - None;

Outgoing Settings

SMTP Server - outgoing.verizon.net,

Port 587,

Security type - None

In addition, I have tried to add an email account on an LG tablet (also Verizon), but get the message "Setup incomplete.  Cannot connect to server. Try again after checking network connection and entered information". The info I enter is correct, and I am trying to use the automatic setup.  I have also tried the manual setup of pop.verizon.net with a security of SSL, and server port - 995, and smtp.Verizon.net, security of SSL, server port 465, but get the same error of Setup Incomplete.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

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