Unable to switch to wifi on droid maxx

About a week ago, my daughter informs me that her device wouldn't connect to the home WI-FI.she had used up her data allowance.

I Thought that perhaps was UE. Not the case, I tried and tried with no success. I am very familiar with these devices, I was an employee of VZW from 2000 to 2012, So I reluctantly call their Tech support. And went through all of the steps, Tier 1 Then Tier 2. Over an hour on the phone, Tech tells me that I HAD to master reset device, and to back up phone to a computer since it wasn't able to get to WI-FI. Didn't work. folder on the PC GONE!!!.

Device was 12 days past manufacturer warranty. so I am now out of luck, I don't purchase the insurance because you pay $10 per month plus $100 deductible and you end up with junk, seen it way too many times. Apparently is a known issue. But VZW not willing to work with me, device has no physical damage.

AT&T Is looking better and better. lower monthly fees too.

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Re: Unable to switch to wifi on droid maxx
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Being able to connect to WiFi is definitely important, especially when trying to manage your usage. So I totally understand your concern. Is she unable to connect to any WiFi or is it just the WiFi at home?

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