Unfortunately messaging has stopped and not receiving text messages
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I, am also having issues with "unfortunately messaging has stopped", AND, NOT receiving text messages. I also have 2 other Droid Ultra's on my account doing the same thing. This is totally unacceptable!!! I am not paying $600 for a piece of crap phone that does not work. I had my phone recently replaced because Verizon thought that was the problem. I can't even get the message screen to stay up long enough to type a message, if it opens at all!

Also I am getting tired of NOT receiving messages sent to me! When I do get them, the icon tells me I have a message with a number usually no more than a designation of 2 but reverts back to a 1, and, when I open the message, read it, and close out of it, if it does not close out on its own because of stopped messaging, the number on the message icon does not clear out. I have to turn off the phone and restart it to clear it. This is not acceptable and I would expect better from Verizon, not the run around!! If I had to send an urgent message and get a reply, do to the fact I am disabled, and this is my only way to communicate, that this is extremely unacceptable!!!!

I expect this to be resolved yesterday, not when you all get around to it, OR, issue me a Samsung!!! I am sure all of the others would agree!!!

I look to hear from you ASAP!!

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