Unresolved razr m issue
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My wife has had her razr m back to local store four times with same issue,; she can not receive or send group text and/or pic; the frustrating part is we get a different excuse everytime we take it in; we have been told she has too many text messages , then too many apps, then the wrong apps and then a ring tone app. the phone has been reset twice and still has same issue. I had a Droid RAZR with same issues which were also never resolved; I finally got rid of the phone.What can be done besides back to the store for more excuses?

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Re: Unresolved razr m issue
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I had the some similar issue with mine after I downloaded kit kat into my Razr M. My text messages would come though hours later and it took me almost a half day to send a text message though

Re: Unresolved razr m issue
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RVA5 We apologize about the issues you've experienced with the Razr. Our goal is to resolve your device concerns so that you may enjoy your device. Your troubleshooting efforts are appreciated. When you say the phone has been reset twice please let us know if what steps you used for the reset. Also, you mentioned that you got rid of the phone, what did you do with it? We want you to know that there is a fix being worked on by the software developers.

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