Verizon/asurion insurance is USELESS

I have paid $17 per month for over 5 years for insurance I have never used.  That adds up to $1020 I have paid in so when my samsung galaxy S6  finally came apart and started to overheat I started a claim.  On the online claim form I was offered a refurbished S8 for the $189 deductible.  So I called the customer service and was offered an S9 for the same deductible.  I told the woman on the phone that a refurb S9 is available from amazon starting at around $120 with $189 being high end.  Heck you can even buy a refurb S9 from the Verizon store for that money.  Asurion will not waive the deductible or offer me a higher grade phone so essentially I got NOTHING!. 

So, I have paid them over $1000 and still had to pay $189 for the refurb S9 which makes the whole purpose of insurance null and void.  Make no mistake, this is a unacceptable and it is being perpetuated and sold by Verizon who refuse to get involved.  

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