Verizon not pushing OTA update to 5G moto mod

Ive noticed the software version on my 5G moto mod is not being updated. I am using a Moto Z3 phone. All of the phone software is up to date, but the mod is not and the mod does not work. (it is set up as an extra line with dummy # on my account)

I have tried restarting the mod and factory resetting the mod. No updates are being pushed. My version is PPZ29_239. The newest version shown on Verizon's website is  PPZ29.302-2.

I will be happy to sideload it, if there was a file available.

Can someone please help get this  update pushed, or otherwise get me the file itself?


Thank you

Re: Verizon not pushing OTA update to 5G moto mod
Customer Service Rep

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are enjoying your evening. You can find out all the details that we have on software updates here: