Verizon's customer service
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Verizon's customer service is really good at talking in circles and never actually solving the problem. 

First my call was dropped twice trying to call customer service, so I used the chat box online.  My phone randomly "broke" within 5 months of me using it that day, which is a whole other story. The person said my phone was going to be shipped by the next day at 8pm.  I was fine with that. I can't go too long without a phone due to work so I agreed.  Then I checked the next day and it said my phone would arrive within the next 4 days.  So, I get back online to talk to someone and they basically just explained to me how shipping works.  So, I cancel the order because I don't have time to wait 4 days for a phone, and all the customer service rep does is sympathize with me.  He/she didn't even ackowledge that they told me the phone would be shipped overnight.  Then they said it would be here in 3 days.... Like that does anything for me.  They just kept explaining their shipping process.  I am going to cancel my service.  So unhelpful.  But, at least they were "Sorry" I guess.

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