Verizon who do you allow to follow/track me?
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I firmly believe KitKat 4.4 is an NSA spy engine and data collector.  Why do apps that aren't GPS want your location, call logs, contact lists, key strokes, camera/photos and any other personal information including WiFi IP addresses. I'm looking at most of my app download permissions and I wonder why do they need all this info just to play a game(like single player tower defense games)? Not to mention everyone storing info to cloud knowing that Google and Verizon willingly allow the NSA to snoop into peoples personal info. You cant say that you do not because I found a lot of news articles about how you guys get paid to fork over data info. I want to know if there is a way to see if my data was sold out to someone else and how to stop it besides hiding in a cave some place.

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